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DrillBit is an American duo made up of Brandon Tyler and Dennis Westbrook. The "db" logo represents DrillBit but also reminds us that DrillBit is Dennis & Brandon. These guys go back to their early years when they began playing in Christian Rock cover bands together. Though various iterations of the band formed through the years, Brandon and Dennis always remained the bands core. Brandon and Dennis  

About DrillBit


Kingdom Tone Artists are driven by the desire to bring hope to our divided world. With so much polarization filled with hatred and despair in our society, it’s important that Kingdom Tone artists are living examples of the love of Jesus. Love is the answer and there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. That’s exactly what Jesus did for everyone to give us freedom from our sins and deliver us from evil. He tells us to Love One Another. There is no room for hatred in the Kingdom…

joined up with Charles Eaton on drums and formed the band Golgotha in Lubbock, Texas. Golgotha was their first original band. Eventually, Dennis moved to Arizona seeking opportunity and the band ended. During that time, Brandon continued writing and Dennis honed his skills as a studio musician playing Bass, Guitar, Drums and Keys. Today's amazing technology has enabled these two guys to write and record music again across the distance as the incredible duo, DrillBit. Brandon is and always has been the brainchild of everything electronic and Dennis brings the human element with electric guitar, bass and drums. This unusual mix presents a unique sound that crosses the divide between electronic and analog. DrillBit is very much in the Rock vein, but this duo is capable of an eclectic mix of genres. DrillBit's music is something entirely new and intriguing. You will hear many influences in their music that will take you on a journey like watching a movie. It's hard to put DrillBit into a single genre. They are their own genre of sonic perfection.